Ilse Schrottenbach

I am interested in the ideas of uncertainty, changeability and finiteness. In my art, I try

to conceive the notions of option and dilemma, and to capture non-sharpness with

a tangible language. For this, I use different practises, which somehow explore and inspire

each other that way.

My recent works link different elements and layers in terms of  time,

context and content, and let them play Ping-Pong. They pick up fragments, left-overs,

whatever bits and bytes, physical or virtual - "thought mending" somehow.

This includes the concept of the "un-finished", the "un-perfect" along with an awareness

of non-repeatability, and of the finite nature of life as such - threads of sketches, proposals,

hypotheses, playfully evolved, incidentially spotted, or intentionally set up  - and processed

then again.